LED G24 Birne 10W - E 27 Gewinde Kaltweiss

Artikel-Nr.: 1-G24 10W CW

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Genau baugleich wie G24 10W nur mit normaler E27 Haushaltsfassung. 

  • Lasts 20 times longer than Standard Bulbs
  • Uses 80% less energy than Standard Bulbs
  • Aluminium & Thermoplastic Body options available
  • Non – Flickering
  • Widely used in Residential Lighting.
  • LED Bulbs are the best replacement for conventional Incandescent or Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Smart choice for the conventional look
  • Looks are deceptive in this case
  • LED innovation made to look like a traditional bulb
  • LED innovation made to look like a traditional bu

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