LED Strahler 30W - mit Bewegungsmelder 202613 Neutralweiss

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Casting technology; exquisite and thin

Breaking traditional engineering lamps, using casting technology , precision production and the lamp body is exquisite and compact, which bringing more fashion experience to the lighting.

Infrared motion sensor

With user-friendly design and external high-sensitivity infrared sensing technology, the light will automatically turn on when people enter the sensing range. It has 120-degree sensing detection angle so that it can be set 10 seconds - 7 minutes delay off time and the maximum sensing distance can reach 8m.

High-quality aluminum housing

Adopting strong aluminum housing, using integrated exterior design, anti-wear and anti-corrosion, which extends the service life of light.

LED chip

High brightness lamp beads, output long-lasting and stable light, less light attenuation, high color rendering index, save energy.

High-strength tempered glass mask

Reinforced high-transmission tempered glass is applied, which has good light transmittance, uniform and transparent light, waterproof and not easy to break.

180° lamp body rotation

180° adjust radiation angle, realize precise lighting.

Engineering Quality

Protection grade IP65, dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant, to prevent leakage damage caused by water droplet penetration; work temperature-20℃~40℃. It can be used for a long time in harsh environments with high temperature and humidity, which suitable for outdoor landscape, indoor parts, billboard lighting and other special facilities lighting.

Function settings

1、(SENS) Turn the knob to adjust the sensing distance to 2-8 meters.

2、(TIME) Delay time refers to the time when a person is detected or leaves the sensing area, the sensor will delay the time to turn off the light. Turn the knob to adjust the sensor extension time (10±3sec—7±2min).

3、(LUX) Turn the knob to adjust the light intensity. Adjust to the sun mark (max) means work all day long and adjust to the moon mark (min) indicates illumination intensity less than3LUX begin to work.



  • Product ColorWhite
  • Light ColorNatural White


  • TypeSensing flood light
  • SizeL147*W182*H56mm
  • Cable length225mm

Technical parameters

  • Power30w
  • Voltage220 - 240v
  • Current134mA
  • Frequency50/60Hz
  • CCT4000K
  • Luminous flux2700lm
  • CRI≥80Ra
  • PF0.9
  • Beam angle120°
  • Hg%Zero
  • Power consumption per 1,000 hours30kwh/1000h
  • EEIA+

Application environment

  • ProtectionIP65
  • EnvironmentOutdoor
  • Working Temperature-2040

Life span

  • Life span25000h
  • Switching frequency≥20000

Main Materials

  • Glass&Aluminum


  • Unit packageOne pc/color box
  • Outer packageTwenty pcs/ctn

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