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Maiskolbenleuchten - sog. Corn bulbs - sind ein idealer Ersatz für Gasdampfbirnen, die oft in Läden und Gaststätten zu finden sind. Diese ausschliesslich für den Innenbereich verwendbaren Birnen reduzieren den Stromverbrauch erheblich und können mit wenig Aufwand installiert werden. Nach Überbrückung eines evtl. vorhandenen Vorschaltgerätes passt das Gewinde in die vorhandene haushaltsübliche Fassung.

LED Maiskolbenleuchte mit handelsüblicher E27 Fassung. Der ideale Ersatz für Gasdampfbirnen ( HQL Quecksilberbirnen ) mit bis zu 41W

An LED energy-saving lamps

AIGOSTAR's second group of products named after the series - B5. Product development is based on the energy-saving lamp shape and the technical core of LED, let the classic U tube shape bloom a new life.

High brightness effect

High-temperature, high-grade glass, non-conductive, bring security while ensuring a high level of light transmittance.

Fully large angle

360°large angle illumination, glass tube 360°are in contact with air to ensure uniform heat distribution.

Safe and durable

PBT environmental protection shell fire-retardant, high-voltage test 3000V or more, safe insulation; product is resist dirt and corrosion, long-term illumination not turn yellow and more durable.

Market potential

Easy to replace U-shaped energy-saving lamps, shape of energy-saving lamps matches perfectly LED lamp, making the product have a good versatility

Certification authority

Germany TUV authorized CE certification.

1. Please don't drop the lamp or push against it.

2. Please don't disassemble the lamp, don't make alterations.

3. Don't use lids without ventilation openings.


  • Product Color: Transparent
  • ModelU-tube
  • Light Coloravailable only in Cool White 6400K or Warm White 3000K  


  • SizeD38*H130mm
  • LampholderE27

Technical parameters

  • Power:6W
  • Voltage230v
  • Current70mA
  • Frequency50hz
  • CCT6400K or 3000K
  • Luminous flux480 Lm
  • CRI80Ra
  • PF0.5
  • Beam angle360°
  • Hg%Zero
  • Power consumption per 1,000 hours:6kwh/1000h
  • Incandescent Lamp Power:41W
  • EEIA+

Application environment

  • EnvironmentIndoor
  • Working Temperature-10℃40℃

Life span

  • Life span15000h
  • Switching frequency7500


  • Unit packageOne pc/blister card
  • Inner packageFive pcs/shrink bag
  • Outer packageFifty pcs/ctn
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