Feuchtraum Halterung für 2 LED Röhren mit je 120cm 179137

Artikel-Nr.: Feuchtraumhalterung 120cm für 2 Röhren

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Three anti-products

Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion, protection class IP65.


Generally used for relatively strong corrosive, more dust, rainy and industrial lighting needs places, such as: power plants, iron and steel, petrochemicals, ships, stadiums, parking, basement.

Good light transmission

Lampshade uses special prism material, the output light is better, and easy to clean and maintain.

Special treatement process

According to the actual working environment of the three anti-light, light surface has coating and special sealing process, long-term use at high temperatures and humid and corrosive and other harsh environments; at the same time, the circuit control board also carried out anti-corrosion, waterproof, oxidation and insulation treatment to ensure the safe and reliable line.

Super Fight Force

Multi-channel vibration design to ensure three anti-lamp at a high frequency, multi-frequency vibration environment long-term security; housing and a protective cover material sturdy than regular glass forces to fight 2 times higher, with the foot lights, it will not burst , very durable.

1. The fitting must be installed by qualified electrician or techician.

2. Such as the installation or use of any doubt, please consult a professional electrician or technician.

3. Do not use the external force to damage the product.

4. Please replace defective lamps or light sources in time

5. If a fault occurs, do not repair themselves.

6. This non-dimmable lamps, do not use the dimmer.



  • Product ColorWhite
  • ModelDouble tubes


  • SizeL1265*W129*H88mm
  • Cable length50cm
  • Length1.2m

Technical parameters

  • IK ProtectionIK10
  • Voltage220 - 240v
  • Frequency50hz
  • Beam angle125°
  • Hg%0.1%

Application environment

  • ProtectionIP65
  • EnvironmentIndoor and outdoor
  • Working Temperature-545
  • Application of placespower plant, steel works, petrochemical enterprise, ship, stadium, park, basement.etc,.


  • Unit packageOne pc/white box
  • Outer packageSix pcs/ctn


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