70W led pendant light triple metal ring with illuminated edges dimmable

Artikel-Nr.: 70W led pendant light triple metal ring with illuminated edges dimmable

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Pendant light chandelier V-TAC with LED technology SMD2835, power of 70W, light beam of 120° and luminous flux of  4.900LM, with the ability to adjust the light intensity of the light. The lamp is made of 3 white metal rings (internal part) with illuminating edges, all made with different diameters of size; the upper one from Ø600mm, central from Ø400mm and the lower one from Ø200mm. The SMD LEDs are positioned in the outer part of the 3 rings in a circular way, allowing a unique and particular light emission of its kind. This lamp is dimmable, therefore compatible with systems that allow adjusting the luminous intensity of the lamps.

The lamp is supplied with a white metal ceiling support, while the suspension of the rings is assigned to the six steel suspension cables covered with transparent rubber.

  • Lamp series: V-TAC Easy Elegant Stylish “LED Pedants”.
  • LED technology: SMD2835
  • Voltage / Frequency: AC 100-240V, 50Hz
  • Power: 70W
  • Light Color: Warm white (3000K)
  • Material / Cover: Steel + acrylic + aluminum / opaque LED cover.
  • Luminous flux: 4.900Lm – 70LM/W
  • Beam Angle: 120 °
  • Dimension of illuminating rings: Ø 200-400-600 mm.
  • Suspension cable length: 1200 mm.
  • Lamp color: white.
  • Average life: 20.000h
  • Energy Efficiency: A+
  • Dimmable: YES - Triac Dimmable
  • CRI> 80
  • PF> 0.9
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